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VIKING open reversible liferaft

The VIKING IBA (Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus) Liferaft is a rugged and durable safety craft solution for use on commercial vessels operating in US coastal waters.

Ensuring that on-board evacuees are kept safe and out of contact with the water, the VIKING IBA is an excellent and fully USCG compliant alternative to traditional life floats and rigid buoyant apparatus that may keep evacuees afloat but allow partial immersion.

The open reversible liferaft is intended for use in areas where evacuees are likely to be exposed to poor weather conditions only for a short period of time before being located and retrieved.­The floor is placed in between the two buoyancy chambers.­

We offer a choise from 8 persons up to 16 persons. 


  • Extremely durable - made from heavy-duty natural rubber

  • Award-winning boarding ramp for easy access

Storage and installation: 

  • Durable fiberglass container

  • Matching galvanized cradles, racks and ramps (for easy installation with minimal deck footprint)

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