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Tender Repairs

Looking for a fast and reliable dinghy repair service? You can turn to our experts. As a manufacturer of inflatable boats, we keep stock of dinghy accessory and can repair air holding tubes professionally.​

Our technicians are experienced and highly trained. We use high quality material.



Replacement tubes

We are specialised in building and installing replacement tubes for inflatable boats. Below is an example of our work.

Cholamark Boat Co. built and installed for this 7m Superyacht tender a new inflatable tube including customized accessory.



Tube Covers/Chaps 

A tube cover prevents damages to the air holding chambers and gives your tender a unique touch. Names and logos can be attached to the cover.

We can replace chaps we have made in the past.

We need to attach Velcro to the air holding tube and measure the tube to produce a paper template before we can build a well fitting tube cover. 
Inflated tubes will stretch different anytime when being produced from a different charge of material.
Already small changes of the tube size will cause problems fitting the tube cover.

Therefore we are unable to offer our tube cover building service for tenders which can not come to our factory.

This tube cover is made from "Sunbrella Buttercup"

This tube cover is made from "Sunbrella Seagrass Green"


Sunbrella is made of high-quality fabrics, our marine fabric is one of many known to last longer than more conventional fabrics. The unique composition of our fabrics, along with our exceptional standards, means you can rely on it to be easy to clean and fade resistant.

Suntec is a German product UV resistant with high strength, textile structure, little shrinkage and is weatherproof.

German UV protected Vinyl is easy to clean and stays dry. This material is inexpensive and durable and choose by many commercial companies.

Small dinghy ladders attached to the tube with rubber attachments 

Long length boarding ladders, comfortable to use

Custom made stainless steel ladders

Stainless steel T-Tops and A-Frames 

Stainless Steel Work

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